Neuroscience in Medicine

Neuroscience in Medicine

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Continuing progress has been made in understanding the brain at the molecular, anatomic, and physiological levels in the years following the qDecade of the Brain, q with the results providing insight into the underlying basis of many neurological disease processes. In Neuroscience in Medicine, Third Edition, a distinguished panel of basic and clinical investigators, noted for their teaching excellence, provide thoroughly updated and revised chapters to reflect these remarkable advances. Designed specifically for medical students and allied health professionals, this up-to-date edition alternates scientific and clinical chapters that explain the basic science underlying neurological processes and then relate that science to the understanding of neurological disorders and their treatment. These popular and now expanded qclinical correlationsq cover, in detail, disorders of the spinal cord, neuronal migration, the autonomic nervous system, the limbic system, ocular motility, and the basal ganglia, as well as demyelinating disorders, stroke, dementia and abnormalities of cognition, congenital chromosomal and genetic abnormalities, Parkinson's disease, nerve trauma, peripheral neuropathy, aphasias, sleep disorders and myasthenia gravis. In addition to concise summaries of the most recent biochemical, physiological, anatomical, and behavioral advances, the chapters summarize current findings on neuronal gene expression and protein synthesis at the molecular level. Authoritative and comprehensive, Neuroscience in Medicine, Third Edition provides a fully up-to-date and readily accessible guide to brain functions at the cellular and molecular level, as well as clearly demonstrating their emerging diagnostic and therapeutic importance.(A) Graph of a Michaelis-Menten type plot in which the amount of a labeled drug or transmitter bound to receptor is ... The slope of this plot reveals if there is positive or negative cooperativity between the binding sites on a given receptor.

Title:Neuroscience in Medicine
Author:P.Michael Conn
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2008-10-08


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