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This volume in the Handbook of Clinical Neurology series provides a complete review of the history, science and current state of neurovirology. It covers the science and clinical presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of viruses of the brain and central nervous system, and is a trusted resource for scholars, scientists, neuroscientists, neurologists, virologists, and pharmacologists working on neurovirology. Neurovirology has been significantly bolstered by modern technologies such as PCR and MRI with direct impact on isolating viruses and advancing therapeutics based on molecular medicine. These advances are particularly important today with the introduction of emerging and re-emerging diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Nipah encephalitis and the appearance of West Nile encephalitis in the western hemisphere. *Detailed coverage of neurovirology from the basic science to clinical presentation *Covers advances in neurovirology via polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and MRI technology *Covers emerging and re-emerging diseases including HIV/AIDS, Nipah encephalitis, and the appearance of West Nile encephalitis in the western hemisphereValproic acid Histone deacetylase is a host mediator of gene repression and is involved in the inhibition of both gene expression and virus production of HIV. ... Further work with larger numbers of patients at early stages of disease is indicated for this novel therapy, particularly because ... OTHER NEUROLOGIC DISORDERS HTLV-1 inflammatory myopathy/ polymyositis and inclusion body myositisanbsp;...

Author:Alex C. Tselis, John Booss
Publisher:Newnes - 2014-07-08


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