New Girl on Salt Flat Road

New Girl on Salt Flat Road

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Lola Zola is back. . . and this time her world is being rocked by the new girl on Salt Flat Road! Eleven-year-old Lola Zola wants a bra, but her mother wona€™t buy her one, reminding her that shea€™s a€œnot quite ready.a€ Ouch. But Lola isna€™t giving up a€“ shea€™s even praying for her pancakes to become cupcakes. Her prayers go unanswered and Lola and her BFF, Melanie, are coming to the realization that theya€™ll be the only girls at school without bras. Just when theya€™ve become used to being called a€œFlatty Patties, a€ a new girl with a great figure moves in next door in the sleepy desert town of Mirage. a€œQueen Paulinea€ as Lola and Melanie call her, hails from Malibu and lives tween life in the fast lane. She shoplifts, steals friends, wears eye shadow, and likes boys, boys, boys a€“ including Buck, Lolaa€™s secret crush from the lemonade war days. Before Lola knows it, Lola is also racing to womanhood, crashing into the law and making a spectacle of her fugitive self.stand, filled with fizzy soda machines and rows of stacked cups. ... Twin Theater concession stand should transition from cavitycandy and soda to healthy snacks like trail mix and fresh juice. ... a€œGet your carrot juice here, a€ Lola boomed again.

Title:New Girl on Salt Flat Road
Author:Jackie Hirtz, Marcy Winograd
Publisher:Brown Girls Publishing - 2015-05-21


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