New Jersey's Postsuburban Economy

New Jersey's Postsuburban Economy

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New Jersey has a long history of adapting to a changing economic climate. From its colonial origins to the present day, New Jersey's economy has continuously and successfully confronted the challenges and uncertainties of technological and demographic change, placing the state at the forefront of each national and global economic era. Based on James W. Hughes and Joseph J. Senecaa€™s nearly three-decade-long Rutgers Regional Report series, New Jerseya€™s Postsuburban Economy presents the issues confronting the state and brings to the forefront ideas for meeting these challenges. From the rural agricultural and natural resource based economy and lifestyle of the seventeenth century to todaya€™s postindustrial, suburban-dominated, automobile-dependent economy, the economic drivers which were considered to be an asset are now viewed by many to be the statea€™s greatest disadvantage. On the brink of yet another transformation, this one driven by a new technology and an internet based global economy, New Jersey will have to adapt itself yet againa€”this time to a postsuburban digital economy. Hughes and Seneca describe the forces that are now propelling the state into yet another economic era. They do this in the context of historical economic transformations of New Jersey, setting out the technological, demographic, and transportation shifts that defined and drove them.This downturn also lasted sixteen months, starting in July1981 and endingin November 1982. However ... Total privatesector employment increased from 72, 806, 000 jobs in November 1982 to 111, 796, 000 jobs in March 2001. 13. Technically, the ... The Y2Kproblem, or year2000 problem, stemmed from the inability of thenextant software and hardware torecognize the changeincentury date. Massiveanbsp;...

Title:New Jersey's Postsuburban Economy
Author:James W. Hughes, Joseph Seneca
Publisher:Rutgers University Press - 2014-10-10


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