New Perspectives on Concepts

New Perspectives on Concepts

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Much recent work on concepts has been inspired by and developed within the bounds of the representational theory of the mind often taken for granted by philosophers of mind, cognitive scientists, and psychologists alike. The contributions to this volume take a more encompassing perspective on the issue of concepts. Rather than modelling details of our representational architecture in line with the dominant paradigm, they explore three traditional issues concerning concepts. Is mastery of a language necessary for thought? Do concepts reduce to abilities? Is the analysis of concepts a viable means to ascertain truths from the proverbial armchair? An introductory essay provides a rough geography of key ideas and issues shaping the overall debate on concepts within contemporary philosophy.Purging the anaphoric element for ease of exposition, 3 we can represent this modal upshot thus: (2) Ai(s:sisF) How do we get from a thought experimenta#39;s possibility premise to its modal upshot? The required link needs to be modal, since it isanbsp;...

Title:New Perspectives on Concepts
Author:Julia Langkau, Christian Nimtz
Publisher:Rodopi - 2010-01-01


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