New Protein Foods

New Protein Foods

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New Protein Foods, Volume 5: Seed Storage Proteins covers papers on the role of new science and technology in providing greater flexibility for producing and utilizing protein food resources, with emphasis on seed storage proteins, primarily oilseed proteins. The book presents articles on the chemistry and biology of seed storage proteins as well as the structure of soy proteins. The text also includes articles on the relationships of genetic engineering to conventional genetic technology and plant breeding, and the potentials for applications of genetic engineering technology to soybeans. The physicochemical and functional properties of oilseed proteins, with emphasis on soy proteins; the chemical and enzymatic modification of plant proteins; and the nutritional characteristics of oilseed proteins are also considered. The book further demonstrates articles on the processes of manufacturing isolated soy protein; the characteristics of isolates; nutritional, the physical, and functional properties; and the major applications of isolated soy proteins. The text concludes by including articles on the production, physicochemical properties, and nutritional aspects of rapeseed, ground nuts, sunflower seeds, and sesame proteins. Nutritionists, horticulturists, agriculturists, agronomists, food technologists, and people involved in related manufacturing companies will find the book invaluable.Protein Structure A. GENERAL The intrinsic physical and chemical properties of a protein exert major effects on its expressed functional properties. ... molecular size and shape, charge distribution, intraand intermolecular bonding), as these are affected by environmental conditions. ... In the case of proline, the nitrogen atom, being part of the rigid pyrrolidone ring, prevents free rotation and, furthermore, anbsp;...

Title:New Protein Foods
Author:Aaron M. Altschul, Harold L. Wilcke
Publisher:Academic Press - 2013-09-17


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