New Words

New Words

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qNew Wordsq contains more than 2500 new words, meanings, and derivatives. As the language changes, expanding to make room for new instances of slang, borrowed words, acronyms and jargon, Oxford Dictionaries will adapt to accommodate each addition.2003 New York Times] a€“ORIGIN 1980s: blend of culture and literati. cula€cture war / ek/lCH/r fwAar/ noun a conflict between groups with ... [19 Nov 1998 Usenet: rec.] 2 Architecture a decorative feature consisting of cusps. cya€cbera€cata€ctack ... Clinton ordered the strengthening of defenses against terrorists, germ warfare 69 cybernaut and other unconventional security threats of the 21st.

Title:New Words
Author:Orin Hargraves
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2004


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