New Worlds, New Civilizations

New Worlds, New Civilizations

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They said it couldn't be done ... all the myriad worlds which have been sought out and explored through more than 500 television episodes and nine Star Trek movies, mapped, illustrated and brought to life in the pages of a comprehensive Star Trek atlas. From the comparatively crowded space of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, home to Earth and Vulcan, Bajor and Betazed, the Cardassian Union and the Romulan and Klingon Empires; to the distant Gamma Quadrant controlled by the Dominion; to the far reaches of the Delta Quadrant, home space of the Borg, where of Federation explorers only the crew of the USS Voyager has ever been; NEW WORLDS, NEW CIVILIZATIONS catalogues peoples and planets from all four corners of the galaxy. Ever wondered where the blue-skinned Bolians originated from? Or what it is like on the permanently frozen homeworld of the bloodless Breen? From the first world that the first away team landed on under the command of Christopher Pike in the original pilot episode 'The Cage' (a world that has been off-limits to the Federation ever since), to the world of the Ba'ku as seen in 'Star Trek: Insurrection', all these and many more are described and depicted in all their fascinating detail by a team of star-studded contributors. Produced in the finest tradition of bestselling Star Trek illustrated reference from Pocket Books such as The Art of Star Trek and Where No Man Has Gone Before, NEW WORLDS, NEW CIVILIZATIONS will be an essential addition to every Trekker's shelves.our suits protect us against the planeta#39;s ambient radiation and give us oxygen to breathe, they cana#39;t keep us from breaking a leg. It takes us several minutes to get to the dome. ... The Badlands have long been used as a haven by smugglers, mercenaries, and others seeking to elude the ... Maquis, after a French resistance movement during World War IIa€”succeeded in making a rather large gadfly of itself.

Title:New Worlds, New Civilizations
Author:Michael Jan Friedman
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2012-08-28


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