New York Extra

New York Extra

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The rich history of New York unfolds through the city's earliest publications. In 1693, William Bradford's broadside recounts a speech by Governor Benjamin Fletcher regarding qTheir Majesties Province of New York.q Building from there, we are treated to major historic incidents including the execution of Nathan Hale (1776), Washington's farewell to his officers at New York's Fraunces Tavern (1783), Amistad (1839), early engravings of the city, the installation of the Statue of Liberty, the construction Grand Central Terminal, and of many major landmarks through the 1939 Worlds Fair. Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island and reports on city workers combine with social and political scandal to show that some things never really do change. A wonderful gift for anyone who loves New York and its boroughs.2 ! !IƒI¹. IIi pains, pi. !!Ii IƒI„IiI€ retired, IƒAmIƒIiI„I¹ IƒIIiI„IƒIiI„I¹ present observ obtaining ed in a tone of deep sympathy, a€œ Poor fellow, ... I¹IƒIi bass IIƒI„IiI€I¹ IƒI„I¹!! with her, and convert can saltwater into fresh for her boilers, IƒI„Ii! for the use of her passengers, .... to I„I¹ per IiI¹I¹I€I„, Iƒ step which was seriously apprehended, and also by the opening of I¹IƒIi budget in the House of Commons, .... IƒI¹ImI„I¹IƒIiI„IƒIiI¹ I„IƒI¹ I’a€, I¹IƒIi IƒIiIƒI„IiI„ IiImI„I¹AmI„Ii IŒI„I¹IƒIƒI„I¹ IiImI¹I„I¹Am I„IiI¹I¹I¹I¹IƒI„Ii IƒI„I¹IŒ I¹IƒIi Sultana#39;s instructions to Hafiz PsI„:!I„Ii, proceeded in theanbsp;...

Title:New York Extra
Publisher:Castle - 1999-10-01


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