Nietzsche's Angel Food Cake

Nietzsche's Angel Food Cake

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When Friedrich Nietzsche made angel food cake, did the angel survive the encounter? When Sigmund Freud handled raw fish, where did his thoughts take him? Exactly what did Dorothy Parker mean by the term a€˜a€™Parker House Rolls?a€™a€™ And how did Ernest Hemingway handle his favorite bullfight souvenirs? Literary humor for those who like cookery to insinuate lifea€™s hard questions, Nietzschea€™s Angel Food Cake allows 22 cultural monoliths to share a€˜a€™theira€™a€™ succulent recipes. By doing so, it offers a funny, surprisingly informative, and entirely whirlwind tour of civilization. Not really a cookbook, ita€™s for foodies who like to laugh and for anyone with a good liberal arts education, no matter how vaguely they remember it. a€˜a€™Oh my God, I love these! More! More! More! This will appeal to foodies and literary types, and will stretch the boundaries of the a€˜cookoira€™ genre, for sure.a€™a€™ a€”Erika Penzer Kerekes, Food Columnist, L. A. Examiner a€˜a€™Like good sausage, or a breakfast I once had in Manilla, Rebecca Coffeya€™s new book is filled with things I cana€™t describe and maybe dona€™t want to know about. I only know ita€™s wonderful.a€™a€™ a€”Jon Potter, The Brattleboro Reformer a€œThe list of dishes would, on its own, be enough to illustrate Coffeya€™s gift for humor. It seems like a collection of punchy jokes thata€™s self-sufficient. To take the joke a giant step further by actually creating the recipes would be, for most writers, a giant step right onto a banana peel, like continuing a joke after the punchlinea€™s delivered. A whole book of such stuff sounds like a task beyond hope. Coffey, however, is no amateur. a€ba€™a€™ a€”James Heflin, The Valley Advocate a€˜So brilliantly funnya€”and insane, obsessive, sprawling, vivid, satisfying, and lush.a€™a€™ a€”Dee LaDuke, TV Writer, Girlfriends and Designing Women. a€˜a€™Absolutely fantastic stuff!a€™a€™ a€”Binnie Klein, Radio Host, a€˜a€™A Miniature World, a€™a€™ WPKN-FM. a€˜a€™Hilarious, smart, intensely literary, and delicious in every way.a€™a€™ a€”Elissa Bassist, Humor and Womena€™s Literature Editor, The Rumpus.Notice that, in the first implication, an arrow points from I to ~M, and that, in the third, one points from ~M to D. Which means that already we have arrived at a basic truth: I a€”agt; D. a€œIf it is I, then it is delightful.a€ And if I am Charles Dodgson, then Ianbsp;...

Title:Nietzsche's Angel Food Cake
Author:Rebecca Coffey
Publisher:Beck and Branch - 2015-09-23


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