Night Force

Night Force

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The world isn't a friendly place. People turn up missing almost daily, crimes go unsolved, and criminals go unpunished. That was the world Reeve McCain was born into. After his father had gone missing when Reeve was only 5 years old, his mother was left to raise him alone. What had happened to his father was a mystery he never wanted to explore. Now, as the college student struggles to get to the bottom of this mystery, his life unravels. Reeve has proven himself as the infamous Night Falcon time and time again on the field of battle, but can he really defeat the new evil rising, an upcoming villain who is a heartless killing machine?I put the key in the ignition, cranked up the car, and slammed the gas pedal to the floor. ... I wrapped it around a nearby tree and stumbled back up the hill, trying to get to the car. I threw ... I could see the police lights getting brighter and brighter.

Title:Night Force
Author:Frank McKeever
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-12


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