Night of the Hunted

Night of the Hunted

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*** New to the Reed Ferguson Mystery Series? Try the first two books for FREE. Click here to find out more: (just copy and paste into your browser) *** Reed Ferguson, noir's funniest hero, returns in another page-turning mystery! When Reed Ferguson, Denver private investigator, receives a call from a mysterious woman seeking his help to escape her abusive husband, Reed cana€™t refuse, even though hea€™s supposed to meet his future in-laws in twenty-four hours. After all, like his hero, Humphrey Bogart, Reed is a sucker for a damsel in distress. But the woman disappears before Reed can whisk her to safety, and he feels compelled to find her. As Reed digs deeper into the womana€™s identity, he discovers that her husband, a high-profile, politically ambitious attorney, has secrets of his own. Soon Reed is urgently piecing together clues that may lead to not only his missing client, but to dangerous situations he never expected. Ita€™s a harrowing race against the hours to find the kidnappers before they harm Reeda€™s client or him. RenAce Pawlish's humorous crime noir novels have been downloaded over 500, 000 times. Once you start reading them, you won't be able to stop. Great for fans who love a fast-paced, humorous read, without a lot of swearing or sex. More Great Reviews of this private investigator series: Kirkus Reviews: The promising kickoff to Pawlish's comic mystery series, starring far-from-perfect PI Reed Ferguson. Pawlish earns high marks for plot construction, with twists and turns naturally unfolding as Ferguson, inexperienced but not incapable, feels his way through the case. A good-humored mystery series worth following. 5 star review: Oh how Ia€™ve missed the Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe characters that saw me with a flashlight in the dead of night flipping pages to see what happened next. Thank you Ms. Pawlish for bringing back to life this long-lost art of the detective battling against all odds and getting to the bottom of things. Maureen with zencherry book reviews The Reed Ferguson mystery series: a€c Book 1: This Doesn't Happen In The Movies (free ebook) a€c Book 2: Reel Estate Rip-off a€c Book 3: The Maltese Felon a€c Book 4: Farewell, My Deuce a€c Book 5: Out Of The Past a€c Book 6: Torch Scene a€c Book 7: The Lady Who Sang High a€c Book 8: Sweet Smell Of Sucrets a€c Book 9: The Third Fan a€c Book 10: Back Story a€c Book 11: Night of the Hunted a€c Book 12: (coming soon) a€c short story: Elvis And The Sports Card Cheat Private Investigator Mystery Series Categories: - Mystery Series - Private Investigator Series - Crime Thrillers - Crime Series - Private Detective Novels - pulp - humor - comedya€œHolly?a€ I said, a little louder. A pause. a€œWho is it?a€ a€œIta#39;s Reed Ferguson.a€ I grabbed the lock and pulled, but it didna#39;t budge. I wished I had my trusty lockpick set. a€œDid you break down the door? I thought William or Andre was making that noise.

Title:Night of the Hunted
Author:Renee Pawlish
Publisher:Creative Cat Press - 2015-09-10


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