Night of the Ice Storm

Night of the Ice Storm

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In this gripping thriller from Edgar Award winner David Stout, a local reportera€™s decision to reopen the investigation of a twenty-year-old unsolved murder reawakens a nightmare of terror and death in a small town The night of the ice storm in tiny Bessemer, New York, is memorable for more than just the savage weather. That same frigid January evening, a young Catholic priest, Father John Barrow, is brutally bludgeoned to death by an unknown assailant. Two decades later the case remains unsolved, and a group of former employees of the local newspaper hold a reunion and listen to a tape recording made at an earlier celebration when the storm and the terrible crime were the talk of the day. But something police beat reporter Ed Speri hears on the recording compels him to take a closer look at the now ice-cold traila€”a decision that ultimately leads to tragedy. Suddenly the stakes have gotten much too high to ignore for Marlee West, the reporter who originally made the damning tape, and her colleague Jenniferurley Hurley. The darkness that fell over their small town on that awful winter night two decades earlier has never truly lifted. A murderer still walks among them, ready to kill and to kill again, and is closer than anyone could have imagined.Hehad stripped offhis spattered clothes in the dark ofhis apartment and tossed them into the bathtub torun water over them. As the ... In the glow of the flashlight, he could see that the water running off the sleeves of his shirt was pink. ... Sometimes he groaned, tried to call for help, buthe could not makeword sounds. Finallyanbsp;...

Title:Night of the Ice Storm
Author:David Stout
Publisher:Overamstel Uitgevers - 2014-08-26


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