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First in an all-new series of mysteries that could happen only in Tokyo... Yumi Hata went to school in the U.S., but nowa€”back in Tokyo, living with her parents and working as an English translatora€”she no longer fits in with the fiercely traditional Japanese. If not for her friend Rika, Yumi would feel completely isolated, so when Rika is found deada€”suspected of jisatsu, taking part in a suicide pacta€”Yumi is devastated. Fortunately, the police investigator in charge of Rikaa€™s case is Yumia€™s old schoolmate Kenji, who also wants to clear Rikaa€™s name. As Yumi and Kenji dig up more evidence, they discover that Rikaa€™s a€œsuicidea€ is not what it seemed. Chasing Rikaa€™s murderer, Yumi and Kenji encounter doll-faced Lolita fashionistas, trendy bars inhabited by the social elite, and the dark side of a suicide pact website. The clock is ticking as they race to find the killer before the next victim is targeted... Includes more than two dozen photos of Japan!That way, they can send e-mail from their Whitelight address without using their real names, but still conveniently receive the ... All someone like me has to do is run a little piece of code that backtracks the forwarded mail to their cell phones. ... Daisuke Takahara 5-11-6 Tabata a€œWhoa, how did you do that?

Author:Jonelle Patrick
Publisher:Penguin - 2012-08-14


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