Nine Lives

Nine Lives

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qThe author, British art historian Karen Smith, paints a series of vivid portraits of the lives and careers of nine artists who have come to embody the avant-garde in Chinese art: nine individuals born at the onset of the People's Republic of China, who grew up during the Cultural Revolution, and yet emerged in the 1980s to become some of the most influential characters shaping modern art within China, and its profile on the international scene. Smith's experience in China and her fluency in Mandarin give an edge to the text and results in a penetrating portrait of the mindset of the generation she describes.q--BOOK JACKET.... nor the chic Beijing penthouse or the sleek black Audi A6 a€” matching that of Wang Guangyi a€” that he drove before becoming a ... the Assassin 1999, and Zhang Yimoua#39;s Hero 2002: films by directors who represented the closest thing China had come to Hollywood at that time. ... Under Mao, the ancient Zhao capital of Handan was turned into a city of light industry specialising in textiles and porcelain, anbsp;...

Title:Nine Lives
Author:Karen Smith
Publisher:Timezone 8 Limited - 2008


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