Nitrogen in the Sea

Nitrogen in the Sea

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This book provides essential information regarding the dynamics and rate processes of nitrogenous compounds in the sea. Topics discussed include characteristics and behavior of nitrogen at the atomic, molecular, and isotopic levels; elemental rate processes and physico-chemical and biological factors; the dynamics of nitrogen in several representative marine ecosystems; and current progress in isotope marine biogeochemistry. The book emphasizes the distribution and variation of nitrogen isotopes, which can provide a novel approach to understanding nitrogen metabolisms occurring in marine ecosystems. Nitrogen in the Sea: Forms, Abundances, and Rate Processes should be considered an indispensable reference tool for researchers and post-graduate students interested in the nitrogen cycle in aquatic ecosystemsThe electronic configuration in its ground state is ls22s22p\ with five electrons in the valence shell. ... Both nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide have an odd number of electrons and ... Since the nitrogen atom can have many oxidation states and can bind with TABLE 1 How Nitrogen Can Achieve an Octet of Electronsanbsp;...

Title:Nitrogen in the Sea
Author:Etaro Wada, Akihiko Hattori
Publisher:CRC Press - 1990-12-07


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