NMR for Chemists and Biologists

NMR for Chemists and Biologists

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This book intends to be an easy and concise introduction to the field of nuclear magnetic resonance or NMR, which has revolutionized life sciences in the last twenty years. A significant part of the progress observed in scientific areas like Chemistry, Biology or Medicine can be ascribed to the development experienced by NMR in recent times. Many of the books currently available on NMR deal with the theoretical basis and some of its main applications, but they generally demand a strong background in Physics and Mathematics for a full understanding. This book is aimed to a wide scientific audience, trying to introduce NMR by making all possible effort to remove, without losing any formality and rigor, most of the theoretical jargon that is present in other NMR books. Furthermore, illustrations are provided that show all the basic concepts using a naive vector formalism, or using a simplified approach to the particular NMR-technique described. The intention has been to show simply the foundations and main concepts of NMR, rather than seeking thorough mathematical expressions.Paramagnetic entities in an NMR sample give rise to signal broadening due to relaxation effects. ... To quantify the resonance frequencies, we need signal reference standards. The common standard for protons is the 1H resonance ofanbsp;...

Title:NMR for Chemists and Biologists
Author:Rodrigo J Carbajo, Jose L Neira
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-06-24


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