No Cause for Shame

No Cause for Shame

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AJ Golden becomes the famous Shotgun Sister when she wins the race to a gun-safe and obliterates the two serial-killers who have invaded her stepfather s home and raped her sister. However, it is her sister, Amy Elizabeth, who desires fame and fortune. When investigator Jonah Aaron meets AJ in a Nashville karaoke bar, he has a new hot girlfriend, and he and country music promoter, Milton Brandenburg, become the keys to AJ s plan to catapult Amy Elizabeth to stardom. Along the way, Jonah uncovers a tale of incest, murder, an unexplainable death, and a sabotaged anti-cancer drug study. www.richardsteinbooks.coma€œBarry has a Toyota Camry. It has a bigger trunk than my Lexus sport coupe. Barry would never sell the story to the tabloids.a€ a€œWhat year is the Toyota?a€ a€œDoes it matter?a€ a€œWhat year?a€ a€œ1999.a€ a€œOK. ... The Camry would solve another problem.

Title:No Cause for Shame
Author:Richard Stein
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-02


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