No Easy Answer

No Easy Answer

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Parents and teachers of learning disabled children have tumed to Sally Smith's No Easy Answers for information, advice, and comfort for more than fifteen years. In this revised, trade paperback edition of the latest information on learning disabilities in a clear, honest, and accessible way. This completely updated edition contains new chapters on Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and on the public laws that guarantee an equal education for learning disabled children. There is also an entirely new section on learning disabled adults and the laws that protect them. Sally Smith, the parent of a learning disabled child herself, guides parents along every step of the way, from determining if their child is learning disabled to challenging the school system to provide special services. Drawing on more than twenty-five years of experience at her own nationally acclaimed school, she also offers valuable strategies to teachers who are anxious or discouraged as they struggle with learning disabled students. Although there are no easy answers, Sally Smith's experience, wealth of information, and sense of humor provide essential support. From the Trade Paperback edition.He would run around the classroom and climb on his desk while simply getting a book from the shelf, quite unaware of what he was doing. He was ... Tom left college after a year and went to work in an automobile repair shop for a few years . ... He was an Eagle Scout, a coed soccer player, and a confident, well-liked young man. ... He was encountering the literature of his own age and going way beyond it through Talking Books for the Blind and tapes in The Lab School Media Center.

Title:No Easy Answer
Author:Sally Smith
Publisher:Bantam - 2012-01-18


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