No Love for the Litter Box?

No Love for the Litter Box?

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Does your kitty belong to those felines who prefer to do their business in all kinds of places a€“ except for the litter box? Rest assured that you are not alone with this problem. Inappropriate elimination in cats is one of the most common reasons why cat owners seek help from a professional cat behavior therapist. In this book, cat behavior therapist Christine Hauschild, who runs a€œMobile Katzenschule Happy Mieza€ (Mobile Cat School Happy Kitty) in Hamburg, Germany, vividly describes different types of house-soiling situations. She explains why cats begin to eliminate inappropriately and what can be done to cure this unwanted behavior. This book will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your cat. You will learn how you can teach your cat in a friendly and workable manner to love (and use!) her litter box again.What smells like a litter box, is one: This is a fact that cannot be ignored. If your cat can smell cat urine someplace, she will assume it is a legitimate spot to relieve herself again and again. Fortunately, there are effective ways to get rid of theanbsp;...

Title:No Love for the Litter Box?
Author:Christine Hauschild
Publisher:BoD – Books on Demand - 2011-01-10


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