No Matter When

No Matter When

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Moments before her death, medieval history student Lilly Marten mysteriously arrives in the year 1503, where soldier Gabriel Sutherland has been expecting her arrival. Standing on the battlements of a 16th century Keep was the last place Gabriel Sutherland should be. Then again, being a€˜shifted' to 1503 seconds before a rocket blew his ass to bits wasn't something he had envisioned either. Still, he was surviving the only way he knew how, as a soldier. Then Lilly arrived. Sweet, innocent Lilly. For a genetically superior soldier whose life had entailed of nothing but serving King and country, the arrival of Lilly proves too much for Gabe to ignore. For the first time in his life, Gabe can have a woman of his own and Lilly is the one. Lilly Marten lives alone, her quiet life the result of a highly sensitive photographic memory. That changed when she arrived in the year 1503 seconds before Toronto's popular C.N Tower came crashing down on top of her. Now she was never alone. Gabe was always near. With his unbelievably perfect features and intense green eyes, he is not a man easily ignored. Yet, uncertainty about her new life leaves Lilly with no choice but to put faith in a man she fears and whose strong physical presence causes her to desire more than just his trust.No problem. She could do this. a€œLilly?a€He asked, studying her carefully. a€œIcan do it , a€ she said ina high voice. Reaching for the hem, she began pulling it over her head, but it got stuck under her shoulders. With her back arched, she wiggled andanbsp;...

Title:No Matter When
Author:Nancy Adams
Publisher:Total-e-bound - 2011-10-10


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