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What difference did abuse and neglect make in Tommy Ray's life? What does it mean to grow up and survive in a sadistic, abusive environment? No More offers a personal glimpse into the horrors of child abuse. No More explores child abuse the way no other book ever has-brutally and astonishingly. It will give the reader a glimpse into a world that is horrific and real. It will also give the reader some insight about children who commit violent acts. This book eloquently demonstrates how seemingly insurmountable adversity can bring forth surprising courage and strength, even in the worst conditions.The screaming in the small bedroom was ear shattering. It didna#39;t help that they ... The stinging lashes across his legs and buttocks brought him out of his tantrum. ... a€œNo, no, you stay right there and let them get a good look at your ass. Ia#39;ve gotanbsp;...

Author:Brittney Robinson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-07-23


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