No More Heroes

No More Heroes

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The story, their story: No More Heroes, began in July: a novel where people were his heroes. It is not a thriller, not a big adventure of fiction, only a recital of experiences- thoughts between people while he learned to enjoy the fleeting moment, LIFE! Niklas, during the book, continuously takes in the physical world as well as the surrounding people. He draws out settings through very descriptive words yet at the same time he filters in meaningful dialogue with people. The readersa€™ senses are invaded: it does not matter if someone has visited San Francisco or even Nepal, Niklas describes the area where he is, which allows a reader to dive into the setting. The dialogue carries a reader to move deeper into the book where Niklas builds a stronger relationship with Suria(Foxybird). There is a brilliant combination of people who become friends. At the beginning, Niklas thought he was adding to Suriaa€™s life yet towards the middle he realizes she was adding to his. Finally, they realized they needed one another for different reasons. They never discuss her illness or what would be the outcome yet that theme is strongly present throughout the book. The themes are centered around human interaction, traveling, love, friendships, philosophy, sharing and finally illness. Without these ideas Niklas is very unable to, at least, gain opportunities where a life could simply create a powerful existence. In the closing chapter of No More Heroes, Niklas began to recount their story, trying to understand what it was to have such a friend became so dear to him and how parts of the world have affected him. a€œLosing a friend is like losing your heart and feeling exactly empty for a moment too long.a€Larry looked at Niklas, cleared his throat and with the low voice he said, a€œI brought jello-mold. Cecil hates jello-mold.a€ Cecil immediately interrupted and told Niklas, a€œLarry needs to tell you why.a€ Larry didna#39;t want to talk anymore but he knew heanbsp;...

Title:No More Heroes
Author:Henry Biernacki
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-11-19


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