No Name No Number

No Name No Number

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Once in a while somebody steps out of line and decides to live their life in a completely different way to the norm. Yoga teacher Hilary Carter is such a person. When numbers and number patterns (especially the time prompt 11:11) began to appear in her everyday life she decided to see what would happen if she used the numbers as signs and followed them. Read what happens as Hilary is led by these number signs to a ruined convent in the heart of Unesco-protected prehistoric France. Why had she been guided to buy it? What was the reason for her being in the Dordogne region of France? She travels to Canada, USA, Mexico, Turkey and the Ashrams of India in search of answers. All the time the numbers talk to her and guide her on her way.I unlocked the rickety door and the first thing that hit me when I entered the convent was the smell. It smelt exactly like an old English church: musty, with a hint of cats, old hymn books and incense. Now that the old damp plaster had gone theanbsp;...

Title:No Name No Number
Author:Hilary H. Carter
Publisher:John Hunt Publishing - 2013-04-26


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