No Oil In The Lamp

No Oil In The Lamp

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The modern world is totally dependent on a continuing supply of energy from oil and other fossil fuels.However, recent natural disasters, global political upheavals, price hikes in the cost of gas, heating oil and electricity, and the eye-watering cost of filling up a car are signposts toward an unexpected, different, energy-constrained future. The central theme of this book is this: as traditional energy sources and in particular oil start to run short, we are sleepwalking into an energy crisis which will have farreaching effects on every part of the modern world. Christians and the church will have to grapple with these issues if we want to understand the context in which we will live, worship, minister and witness in the years ahead. In this book we aim to raise awareness of a€˜peak oila€™ and its consequences amongst Christians, and to prepare the church in practical ways for the energy constraints of the future.UK homes will soon start to get their electricity meters exchanged for smart meters. ... energy conservation measures and is fitted for a variety of reasons such as noise reduction, aesthetics or simply because the old windows are worn out.

Title:No Oil In The Lamp
Author:Andy Mellen, Neil Hollow
Publisher:Andrews UK Limited - 2013-08-14


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