No "Plan B"

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Snipers, zombies, secret agents, and even distant relatives seem all bent on one purpose: to separate Hugo from her friends, her family, even her own people group; but most importantly, they seem bent on separating her from the Traditions that her people have given their lives for. But why? No qPlan Bq has Hugo wondering qwhyq throughout the whole book. Why do snipers keep shooting at her and her best friend John? Why does John's dad seem bent on his own secret mission? Why does John's neighbor seem so mean to her? And, most importantly, why are the Traditions of her people so important?! Can anyone answer these questions? Or is Hugo destined for a life of confusion and abandonment-away from all that she knows and hold so dear?a€œMy intel suggests that the people I work for were under heavy surveillance by... well...I cana#39;t exactly go into that right now.a€ Johna#39;s dad looks around the room. If I dona#39;t know ... a€œWhat did you do?a€ This time it is John asking, and his dad is losing anbsp;...

Title:No "Plan B"
Author:Joe Mebane - 2014-02


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