No Sweat

No Sweat

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Christian Sweat has created a freak show for himself by traveling to local bars to fight anyone for two minutes. If Christian wins, he makes money. If Christian loses, his opponent wins the money. This is the only job Christian can get. He's considered a freak in his hometown. Christian was born and raised in the circus by his mother--the 900-pound fat lady--and his father--the 10-foot giant. Watching his mother and father be ridiculed throughout his childhood, Christian learned to protect the honor of his parents with his fists--hurting anyone who laughed. Christian became good at it. He decided to make fighting a living so he could free his mother and father from the circus. Then buy them a house to live in along with his overweight sister. Then they could be like a normal family. With his fists, Christian put a young man in a coma. From the moment he hurt his opponent, Christian vowed never to throw another punch--no matter how badly he's bruised and battered in the ring. Sounds like no sweat for Christian--but it is anything but.Wendy smiles, a€œI love you, too, darling.a€ Ginter draws a pair of wings in the dirt. Wendy messes up the drawing with her hand, a€œYou do not have them to shield you from harm.a€ a€œThis is how your protect yourself now.a€ She grabs her husbanda#39;s anbsp;...

Title:No Sweat
Author:Gerrit Steenhagen
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-07-01


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