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Obesity is the greatest single preventable cause of death in the United States...yet 69% of Americans overweight, and 35% of Americans are obese. Three hundred and sixteen million people in the United States, watch television, movies, and ads proclaim that thin is in. But nutrition education isn't one of the three R's. So, health conscious, overweight Americans listen to any and all advice, no matter whether incomplete or totally erroneous, on how to make molehills out of their mountains. In fact, over 30, 000 methods of weight control contribute to the multi-billion dollar diet industry. Sadly, however, over half of these methods are backed by nutrition fraud, misinformation, and fad diets. This book on weight control provides a safe solution to the dilemma and it works! It's time for you to do something for the health of it! Here, at last is an answer, flexible enough to work into any lifestyle, no matter how hectic. It will enable you to live a healthier life, and become the weight you want to be forever. qNo Time for Dietsq is not only a workable solution, but one that is nutritionally balanced and an economical alternative, adaptable to even the most sophisticated palate. To tell the world that there is no miracle solution or short cut is to destroy the American dream. To offer a workable solution that can be tailored to any individuals' automated qno timeq lifestyle can spell creative success. Simple nutrition principles, accurately applied spell the difference between obesity, and healthy, effective lifestyle weight management.Experts in nutritionhave used this information to lookat thefood value of themenu items listed. Nutrition guidelines for the fast lane help you identify exactly whatyou aregetting inthat super sized meal. There are threebasic guidelines for goodanbsp;...

Author:L. Raynes MS.RDN.CDE.
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-08-29


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