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NORA-An Ordinary Girl from Inchicore is a poignant memoir of growing up in Inchicore, Dublin in the 1940's and 50's. With humor and pathos Nora tells of the day-to-day drama in a large Catholic family and the interaction with her nine siblings. She tells of the discipline in an all-girl Catholic school and the kindness and sometimes cruelty of the good nuns. Nora takes us with her through the streets of her beloved Dublin as she cycles to work or takes the bus into town. We absorb the unique atmosphere-the sights, the smells and the colorful speech of Dubliners. We go dancing with her in qThe Golden Yearsq of ballroom dancing and follow her romance with a handsome student from Trinity College. We hear of the adoption of a baby and the circumstances that led her to immigrate to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Later we join Nora in England where her plans to marry her student prince go awry. We follow her to Toronto, Canada where she meets and falls in love with her life partner, Frank. NORA-An Ordinary Girl from Inchicore will delight those who love all things Irish and who believe the Irish are the most fascinating people on earth.The men in the office had crew cuts, big athletic shoulders, light colored suits and some even wore pink shirts. ... Before the meal they would order a fancy cocktail, a Manhattan or a dry Martini. ... The explanations became tedious after a while so I was careful not to make flippant remarks. ... sweets were candy, push pins were thumb tacks, the pictures were the movies and knickers were called panties.

Author:Nora Szechy
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-04


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