Northside Poetry

Northside Poetry

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From Northside Poetry: Growing up wasna€™t easy, but it wasna€™t hard. Mama just wanted me to be okay with my brothers, sisters and myself. All I wanted was to be okay with myself. I dona€™t need fame because fortune would be enough. . . . The people Ia€™ve met in my life just heard me, but didna€™t listen. If people just took the time to listen to our problems, there wouldna€™t be problems with us today. Ita€™s not about who is smarter or richer, ita€™s about who is ahead of the class and how long can you stay there, only the strong can survive. I still feel the same way as I did then, a€œStep on them or they will step on you!a€ But in my joyful times Ia€™m the lion who sleeps, and the child in Goda€™s eyes. My ladies and gentlemen, I dona€™t need you to gossip about me. Cause its still going on with my family. Or I dona€™t need a spotlight to determine who is the bad guy; I know who I am. Because we all have our own hell, and ita€™s killing me everyday thinking about mine. If only I could go back in time where I started it all I would, but Ia€™m not God. And Ia€™m living my life just as you, one day at a time. I wrote this letter and poetry to all those who I love and all that I hate. . . . Thank you for listening to my confessions and my cries at night.Tone One. TO. THE. WIVES. A marriage is based on love and understanding. And not on being jealous and careless! To be able to write letters ... To be able to celebrate Our anniversary each year. ... Youa#39;re my sunshine And my only rainbow .

Title:Northside Poetry
Author:Tone One
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-01


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