Not Normal

Not Normal

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Getting invited to sit with popular cheerleaders at lunch should be any boya€™s dream in high school. However for Joseph, it quickly turns into a nightmare! From the moment he interacts with them, unwanted changes start happening in his life. From being forced to talk about fashion with girls in class, to being hit on by guys, to being teased by his younger sister, a€œJuliaa€ must put clues together before SHE forgets about the past. Features a very slow and detailed physical transformation into the pretty cheerleader he may become. Word Count: 8, 000+ Possible Spoilers! Themes: transgender, forced feminization, teen, magical transformation, cheerleader, school girl, high school, friends, sister, parents, yoga pants, fast transformation, mind altered, stuck. Rated: PG-13 for descriptions of anatomy and language. Note: This story does NOT contain any sex scenes.says Jamar with much enthusiasm. a€œNah, I think Ariana Grande man, a€ replies Joseph. a€œOk class, enough chatter! Leta#39;s get started. Please take out your homework from last night please, a€ requests Mrs. LaBarbera. Joseph reaches into to his baganbsp;...

Title:Not Normal
Author:Courtney Captisa, Haylee Sims
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-09-22


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