Notes From An Odin Actress

Notes From An Odin Actress

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a€˜As an actress I sit, speak, run, sweat and, simultaneously, I represent someone who sits, speaks, runs and sweats. As an actress, I am both myself and the character I am playing. I exist in the concreteness of the performance and, at the same time, I need to be alive in the minds and senses of the spectators. How can I speak of this double reality?a€™ a€“ Julia Varley This is a book about the experience of being an actress from a professional and female perspective. Julia Varley has been a member of Odin Teatret for over thirty years, and Notes from an Odin Actress is a personal account of her work with Eugenio Barba and this world-renowned theatre company. This is a unique window onto the in-depth exercises and day-to-day processes of an Odin member. It is a journal to enlighten anyone interested in the performances, the discoveries and the hard physical work that accompany a life in theatre.She has had to use a historical framing for her professional engagement with theatre to, as she says, a#39;convert practical ... Julia always stuck to her principles and, as you can intimate from Notes from an Odin Actress, worked all the time ... placating administrators, flattering writers while changing what they had written, editing, proofing a€“ and then, as soon as one ... Julia has produced a vibrant book that crosses forms and purposes a€“ an autobiography, a testimonial history and a bookanbsp;...

Title:Notes From An Odin Actress
Author:Julia Varley
Publisher:Routledge - 2010-09-13


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