Notorious C.O.P.

Notorious C.O.P.

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Throughout his career, Derrick Parker worked on some of the biggest criminal cases in rap history, from the shooting at Club New York, where Derrick personally escorted Jennifer Lopez to police headquarters, to the first shooting of Tupac Shakur. Always straddling the fence between qpo-poq and NYPD outsider, Derrick threatened police tradition to try to get the cases solved. He was the first detective to interview an informant offering a detailed account of Biggie Smalls's murder. He protected one of the only surviving eyewitnesses to the Jam Master Jay murder and knows the identity of the killers as well as the motivation behind the shooting. Notorious C.O.P. reveals hip-hop crimes that never made the paper--like the robbing of Foxy Brown and the first Hot 97 shooting--and answers some lingering questions about murders that have remained unsolved. The book that both the NYPD and the hip-hop community don't want you to read, Notorious C.O.P. is the first insider look at the real links between crime and hip-hop and the inefficiencies that have left some of the most widely publicized murders in entertainment history unsolved.... Butler would eventually become Lila#39; Kima#39;s boyfriend; as well, D-Roc would figure heavily in a 2001 shooting at the Hot 97 radio ... Following up the rear was a black Chevrolet Blazer driven by longtime Bad Boy security guy Paul Offord, with an ... A black Chevy Impala SS pulled up on the right; Cease looked over at the driver directly to see who it was, thinking it ... the murder: was there anything suspicious at the party, any problems that night, any disputes that might have led to this?

Title:Notorious C.O.P.
Author:Derrick Parker, Matt Diehl
Publisher:Macmillan - 2007-04-01


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