Novel NMR and EPR Techniques

Novel NMR and EPR Techniques

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This book is a collection of scienti?c articles on current developments of NMR and ESR techniques and their applications in physics and chemistry. It is dedicatedtoProfessorRobertBlinc, ontheoccasionofhisseventiethbirthday, in appreciation of his remarkable scienti?c accomplishments in the NMR of condensed matter. He is a physicist commanding deep respect and a?ection from those who had the opportunity to work with him. Robert Blinc was born on October 31, 1933, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He graduated in 1958 and completed his Ph. D in 1959 in physics at the Univ- sity of Ljubljana. His doctoral research on proton tunneling in ferroelectrics with short hydrogen bonds was supervised by Professor Du? san Had? zi. After a postdoctoral year spent in the group of Professor John Waugh at M. I. T., Cambridge, Mass., RobertBlincwasappointedasaprofessorofphysicsatthe University of Ljubljana at a time when there was scarce research in the ?eld of condensed matter in Slovenia. With his far-sighted mind, Robert Blinc, together with Ivan Zupan? ci? c, started the NMR laboratory at the Jozef S- fan Institute in Ljubljana. He immediately realized the enormous potential of NMR methods in the research of structure, dynamics, and phase tr- sitions in solids. In the subsequent years he made signi?cant contributions in applying magnetic resonance to the research of ice, ferroelectric mate- als, liquid crystals, incommensurate systems, spin glasses, relaxors, fullerenes, and fullerene nanomagnets. His work led to the detailed understanding of the microscopic nature and properties of those materialsThe classical Amperian magnetic moment was replaced by the non-classical entity of magnetism, the Bohr magneton, I¼ = = I³ . ... Changes in M and Ic evolve coaxially. ... However, if the sample is not left to rotate freely as in the Einstein-de Haas experiment, there can be no direct evidence of any mechanical exchange ofanbsp;...

Title:Novel NMR and EPR Techniques
Author:J. Dolinsek, Marija Vilfan, Slobodan Zumer
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2006-04-20


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