Novell's NetWare 5 Administrator's Handbook

Novell's NetWare 5 Administrator's Handbook

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Make the jump to NetWare 5 with the proper support system -- an updated edition of the best-selling Novell's Administrator's Handbook series written by award-winning author Kelley J. P. Lindberg. Novell's NetWare 5 Administrator's Handbook is the unrivaled authority for serious NetWare administrators. Novell's NetWare 5 Administrator's Handbook covers Novell Directory Services(r), installation and configuration, Novell Distributed Print Services,, and Netscape FastTrack Server for NetWare. Lindberg, the former senior program manager for NetWare and intraNetWare, provides quick, clear answers on security issues, performance monitoring, Windows clients, upgrade procedures, disaster planning, protocols, architectures, and much more. Novell's NetWare 5 Administrator's Handbook also features time-saving worksheets, tables, and step-by-step instructions that are all designed to enhance your NetWare mastery.EXE file issues, 46 Windows 3.1x/DOS client configuration, 125 AUTOEXEC. ... activation, 80-81 PCI Hot Plug support, 103 server startup process, 65, 105-106 Automatically repair bad volumes, File System parameter, ... to use, 10 BNC terminators, when to use, 10 Boot error log file overflow size, Error Handling parameter, 443 Boot error log file state. ... described, 7 Ethernet architecture, 9-14 fiber-optic, 2 MAUs (Multistation Access Units), 15 patch, 10 PVC-covered plenum spaceanbsp;...

Title:Novell's NetWare 5 Administrator's Handbook
Author:Kelley J.P. Lindberg
Publisher:Wiley - 1999-01-05


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