Now Tell Me I Was Wrong

Now Tell Me I Was Wrong

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In this book, Tom DeWeese has collected a strong representation of the hundreds of articles hea€™s written on these subjects through the years. These articles were written during some of the greatest changes to our government, our schools, our economy and our personal freedoms yet witnessed in American history. They document the fights that erupted over those changes as policy was being written and enacted. They name the perpetrators and document their actions. In short, this book represents a history of some of the major political battles of our time and stands as a truly remarkable indictment of, not only the Democrats, but more so of the Republicans who had a chance to stop those changes, but instead, actually helped make them happen. For decades, Tom DeWeese has been sounding the alarms over government land grabs, radical environmentalists, radical a€œreforma€ in the schools, attacks on our national sovereignty and UN-driven global governance. For his efforts, Tom DeWeese was not only ignored, but derided and labeled an alarmist. Now, however, those policies he warned us about are front page headlines fueling a national discontent. As a result, today, most of the issues are the root of the growing national protest now commonly known as the Tea Party movement. As they rip apart our nation and protests grow in our streets, Tom DeWeese issues this challenge... a€œNow tell me I was wrong.a€Those raw documents show a pattern of deception, intimidation and fraud. In the words of respected ... They have covered up any contrary evidence and refused to open their work to the scrutiny of independent scholars. By keeping outanbsp;...

Title:Now Tell Me I Was Wrong
Author:Tom DeWeese
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-01-05


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