Now You Know Big Book of Sports

Now You Know Big Book of Sports

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Ever wonder where the figure skating terms axel, salchow, and lutz came from? Or why a curling tournament is called a qbrierq? And how about a qhaymakerq in boxing or a qhigh fiveq in any sport? Well, Doug Lennox, the world champion of trivia, is back to score touchdowns, hit homers, and knock in holes-in-one every time with a colossal compendium of QaA athletics that has all anyone could possibly want to know from archery and cycling to skiing and wrestling and everything in between. Whata€™s more, Doug goes for gold with a wealth of Winter and Summer Olympics lore and legend that will amaze and captivate armchair fans and fervent competitors alike. What do the five Olympic rings and their colours represent? Why does the winner of the Indianapolis 500 drink milk in victory lane? Who was the first player ever to perform a slam dunk in a basketball game? Why are golfersa€™ shortened pants called qplus-foursq? When was the Stanley Cup not awarded? Why does the letter k signify a strikeout on a baseball score sheet? Where is the worlda€™s oldest tennis court?Why do dimples make a golf ball fly farther? Think of a truck driving fast down a dirt road. As air passes over the truck, it separates from the back of the truck, and dust and dirt are pulled up from the road into a swirling cloud. Thata#39;s because the anbsp;...

Title:Now You Know Big Book of Sports
Author:Doug Lennox
Publisher:Dundurn - 2009-09-07


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