Nowhere's Child

Nowhere's Child

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Up until the age of 64, much of Kari Rosvall's early life was shrouded in mystery. Then, one day, a letter arrived through the post . . . In it was a small black-and-white photograph of Kari as a young baby, the first she had ever seen. Kari was to finally discover the dark secret of her conception: She was a Lebensborn child, part of Hitler's 'Spring of Life' programme, which encouraged Nazi soldiers to have children with Scandinavian women in order to create an Aryan race. And so began a journey back to her roots: to Norway where, at ten days old, she was taken from her mother, packed into a crate and sent to Germany to join the other Lebensborn children; to post-War Germany and her eventual rescue by the Red Cross from an attic, a tiny, neglected outcast of a dead regime. Nowhere's Child is a remarkable story of reconciliation, of forging new beginnings from a dark past and of the discovery of family later in life. Ultimately, it is the life-affirming account of what it really means to find a place called home.The inspiring story of how one woman survived Hitlera#39;s breeding camps and found an Irish home Kari Rosvall, Naomi Linehan ... Germany a€“ a breeding programme which encouraged SS men to have children with Aryan women to create a superior race. ... Those same soldiers who were killing people and terrorising them if they didna#39;t fit into the Nazi world view, were impregnating women to create whatanbsp;...

Title:Nowhere's Child
Author:Kari Rosvall, Naomi Linehan
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2015-04-02


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