Nuclear Tsunami

Nuclear Tsunami

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This book begins with the analysis of Americaa€™s post-war intelligence operations, propaganda campaigns, and strategic psychological warfare in Japan. Banking on nuclear safety myths, Japan promoted an aggressive policy of locating and building nuclear power plants in depopulated areas suffering from a significant decline of local industries and economies. The Fukushima nuclear disaster substantiated that U.S. propaganda programs left a long lasting legacy in Japan and beyond and created the futile ground for the future nuclear disaster. The book reveals Japan's tripartite organization of the dominating state, media-monopoly, and nuclear-plant oligarchy advancing nuclear proliferation. It details Americaa€™s unprecedented pro-nuclear propaganda campaigns; Japana€™s secret ambitions to develop its own nuclear bombs; U.S. dumping of reprocessed plutonium on Japan; and the joint U.S.-Nippon propaganda campaigns for qsafeq nuclear-power and the current a€œsafe-nuclear particlesa€ myths. The study shows how the bankruptcy of the central state has led to increased burdens on the population in post-nuclear tsunami era, and the ensuing dangerous ionization of the population now reaching into the future.Chapter 8: From Sea to Shining Sea: Radiation without End: In early April 2011, media outside Japan reported that Tokyo ... April 12, 2011) Chapter 9: Nature as Nuclear Trash Bin: The Los Angeles Times made the point that although protests were ... a de facto boycott of goods from northeast Japan, government subsidies to this or that repair effort or unproven remedy, ... these lessons of the past, but many didna#39;ta€ (Martin Fackler, a€œTsunami Warnings, Written in Stone, a€ April 20, 2011 ).

Title:Nuclear Tsunami
Author:Richard Krooth, Morris Edelson, Hiroshi Fukurai
Publisher:Lexington Books - 2015-02-10


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