Nucleic Acids in Chemistry and Biology

Nucleic Acids in Chemistry and Biology

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The structure, function and reactions of nucleic acids are central to molecular biology and are crucial for the understanding of complex biological processes involved. Revised and updated Nucleic Acids in Chemistry and Biology 3rd Edition discusses in detail, both the chemistry and biology of nucleic acids and brings RNA into parity with DNA. Written by leading experts, with extensive teaching experience, this new edition provides some updated and expanded coverage of nucleic acid chemistry, reactions and interactions with proteins and drugs. A brief history of the discovery of nucleic acids is followed by a molecularly based introduction to the structure and biological roles of DNA and RNA. Key chapters are devoted to the chemical synthesis of nucleosides and nucleotides, oligonucleotides and their analogues and to analytical techniques applied to nucleic acids. The text is supported by an extensive list of references, making it a definitive reference source. This authoritative book presents topics in an integrated manner and readable style. It is ideal for graduate and undergraduates students of chemistry and biochemistry, as well as new researchers to the field.A sharp turn accommodates the reversal in the backbone direction and at the junction the DNA is bent by ca. ... It was later shown that bacterial DNA exists as closed circular duplexes, that DNA viruses have either single- or double-helical circular DNA, and that RNA viroids have circular single-stranded ... As a control process, the same circular DNA can be nicked in one strand to make it fully relaxed.

Title:Nucleic Acids in Chemistry and Biology
Author:G. Michael Blackburn
Publisher:Royal Society of Chemistry - 2006-01-01


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