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The man in the cubicle beside him was dead. The police say it was a heart attack, but programmer Joshua Jones knows better. A message he found in the dead man's code points to a psychotic hacker who can strike through the internet, leaving no trace. Relying on the advice from his tech savvy friends, Joshua must solve the mystery of who the killer is and how he attacks before Joshua becomes his next victim.Joshua moved the laptop back to his side of the table and closed it down. a€œIa#39;d be amazed if he left the mIRC ... He could wipe all evidence away and nobody would be the wiser.a€ a€œMaybe he thought IT ... Therea#39;s a page on my web site that lists all the processes running on a stock Windows XP Pro install. You can use that as aanbsp;...

Author:Ken McConnell - 2009-08-01


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