Numerical Methods in Engineering with Python

Numerical Methods in Engineering with Python

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This text is for engineering students and a reference for practising engineers, especially those who wish to explore Python. This new edition features 18 additional exercises and the addition of rational function interpolation. Brent's method of root finding was replaced by Ridder's method, and the Fletcher-Reeves method of optimization was dropped in favor of the downhill simplex method. Each numerical method is explained in detail, and its shortcomings are pointed out. The examples that follow individual topics fall into two categories: hand computations that illustrate the inner workings of the method and small programs that show how the computer code is utilized in solving a problem. This second edition also includes more robust computer code with each method, which is available on the book website. This code is made simple and easy to understand by avoiding complex bookkeeping schemes, while maintaining the essential features of the method.The table displays the mass Mand average fuel consumption cp of motor vehicles manufactured by Ford and Honda in 2008. ... Determine the cubic that best fits the data, and use it to compute fxk at T = 10Ad, 30Ad, 60Ad, and 90AdC. (This problem was solved in Problem 19, Problem Set ... X 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 y 3.076 2.810 2.588 2.297 1.981 1.912 X 3 3.5 ... Expedition 2530 5.53 Explorer 2014 6.38 F-150 2136 5.53 Fusion 1492 8.50 Taurus 1652 7.65 Fit 1168 13.60 Accord 1492 9.78 CR-Vanbsp;...

Title:Numerical Methods in Engineering with Python
Author:Jaan Kiusalaas
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2010-01-29


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