Nutrition Decisions

Nutrition Decisions

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Nutrition Decisions: Eat Smart, Move More Encourages Personal Health Behavior Change For A Lifetime Of Good Habits And Good Health Among Students. The Text Employs The Theory Of Planned Behavior To Empower Students To Make Positive Changes In Their Lives To Improve Their Health. The Most Current Research-Based Information On Each Concept Is Presented As Well As Specific Strategies That Can Be Employed For Behavior Change. Information Is Presented In Modules That Include One Specific Topic Of Instruction Within The Field Of Nutrition, Physical Activity Or Other Aspect Of Health And Wellness. The Material Is Research-Based And Well Referenced, But Is Presented In An Applied And Consumer-Oriented Method That Makes It Easy For A Non-Science Major To Understand. Students Are Encouraged To Check Their Own Behavior Based On The Module Content. Instructors Will Be Given Instructions On How To Track A Specific Behavior (For Example, Record Beverage Consumption Over 3 Days). Suggestions Will Be Given As To How Students Can Make Specific Positive Changes. Students Will Record Their Goal And How They Intend To Improve Their Overall Health On Their Personal Record Sheet, Which Will Be Presented In The Text As Well As On The Companion Website. All Chapters Will Include Suggestions About How Students Can Make Incremental Changes In Their Health Behaviors. There Will Also Be A Myth Versus Fact Section That Will Discuss The Most Common Myths About Foods And Nutrition.Myth: When cooking chicken, you can tell that it is done when the juices run clear or the meat pulls away from the bone. Fact: The ... Myth: Thawing meat on the counter is fine if you are going to use it right away. ... Put large batches of food in smaller containers so they will cool quickly and make sure to refrigerate soon ( within two hours) after you serve the meal. ... However, he needs to follow good food safety practices to keep the food safe and decrease the risk of foodborne illness.

Title:Nutrition Decisions
Author:Anderson Carolyn Dunn, Carolyn Dunn (PhD.)
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Publishers - 2013


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