Oak Cliff

Oak Cliff

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Oak Cliff Farm has been plagued by tragedy, nightmares, and horror for over one hundred and fifty years. The house itself presents its dark history through flashbacks, hidden clues, and ghostly occurrences to Merline Madagascar, who is a house-whisperer of sorts. Unlike other houses with joyful histories that Merline has visited and heard, this house presents a unique challenge when its new owners, Jack and Erica, call Merline to help restore the house to its former elegance. Weary of a recurring nightmare caused by its first owners; the house wants nothing more than to provide shelter to a loving family with children. Oak Cliff Farm welcomes Jack and Erica with the hope that they will be the ones to bring happiness to its rooms once again. But a wandering soul still hovers over Oak Cliff Farm, causing unrest and apprehensiveness for all its subsequent owners. Accompanying Merline are her historically-inclined husband Daniel, her intrepid architect/contractor Verne, Chef Jacques and his significant other Erica, and a host of other characters. Will Oak Cliffa€™s past prove too much for Merline? Or will the more than a century-long series of ill-fated events finally come to an end?Each morning I watched as Eunice rose before dawn and dressed for the day. ... After a quick wash up at the pump she would don her hat and cape, pick up the baskets that held the eggs, and ... at the bakery was tucked away to help defray the expenses of hiring a local handyman to do whatever repairs needed to be doneanbsp;...

Title:Oak Cliff
Author:Marion Marchetto
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-07-14


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