Obamacare - What's In It

Obamacare - What's In It

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Obamacare--What's In It contains a 2000-line topical index with links directly to the text of the law and the complete text of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Subtopics describe the contents of the subsections of the law in plain English. A thousand subtopics are divided among forty-five topics and each topic has levels of subtopics in alphabetical order. The only way to even begin to understand Obamacare and its sure effect on all aspects of America, is to read in the law and see the details of its provisions. Where most books discuss a relatively few provisions of the law, Obamacare What's In It describes hundreds of subtopics and gives links to the text in the law. The topical index comprises a 2000-line list of the subtopics of the statute. A reader may search for particular topics or browse for subtopics that describe important or interesting provisions. To read a subtopic's corresponding text in the law, a reader may click on the accompanying link. In two hours, a reader may browse the 2000-line list of significant topics and have an understanding of the details of this law and the danger it presents to the Constitutional liberties of the American people. The ACA is not just a healthcare law, it is a law that transforms the relationship between citizens and their republican government. Read and learn the details of this law to prepare to stop it. The details are in the law itself, not in the summaries. The author, James W. Hill, has been an attorney for twenty-five years.SEC. 9011. STUDY AND REPORT OF EFFECT ON VETERANS HEALTH CARE. (a) In General.The Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall conducta study onthe effect (ifany) of the provisions of sections 9008, 9009, and 9010 on (1) the cost ofanbsp;...

Title:Obamacare - What's In It
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