Obesity: Breaking Through to the Thin Within

Obesity: Breaking Through to the Thin Within

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Urban sprawl and the fast food industry have assisted the prevalence of obesity within society. Because of technology we can sit on a tractor and mow the lawn, throw laundry into washing machines without having to do it by hand (like our ancestors), and we have televisions with remote controls as well as game boys to for our children to sit in front of the television and play video games all day. We have decreased our energy output (exercise) and increased our daily caloric intake.Outcome of Gastric Bypass Surgery I have no regrets and would do it over again in an instant. Luckily, my gastric bypass surgery (Roux-en-Y) was performed laparoscopic (less invasive), but when you go under the ... Quick Weight Loss Clinic, tried Atkins, and many more failed attempts to lose the weight including a prescription for the drug fenfluramine which has been found to cause heart damage!

Title:Obesity: Breaking Through to the Thin Within
Author:Debra L. Zebari
Publisher:ProQuest - 2007


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