Object-oriented Data Structures Using Java

Object-oriented Data Structures Using Java

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This book teaches the classic data structures with an informal, yet rigorous, approach; it includes the appropriate object-oriented concepts and makes use of the appropriate Java constructs.ASCII character set, 55 as subset of Unicode, 792 Assignment operation, on integers, 71 Assignment operators, and large integers, 441 Assignment statements, results of, 85 Assumptions, within program specification, 8 Atomic (or primitive) types, 70 Atomic ... See Abstract Window Toolkit B back reference, 418 Balance algorithm (iterative part), 579, 580 Balanced.java, 326 code for, 268-272 Balancedanbsp;...

Title:Object-oriented Data Structures Using Java
Author:Nell B. Dale, Daniel T. Joyce, Chip Weems
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Learning - 2002


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