Object-oriented Software Development Using Java

Object-oriented Software Development Using Java

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Object-oriented software development has matured significantly over the past several years. The convergence of object-oriented modeling techniques and notations, the development of object-oriented frameworks and design patterns, and the evolution of object-oriented programming languages have been essential in the progression of this technology. Object-Oriented Software Development in Java: Styles, Patterns, and Frameworks focuses on developing skills in designing software-particularly in writing well-designed, medium-sized object-oriented programs. It provides a broad and coherent coverage of object-oriented technology, including object-oriented modeling using the Unified Modeling Language (UML), object-oriented design using Design Patterns, and object-oriented programming using Java. The book uses the Java 2 platform throughout, introducing such topics as Swing, collections, and RMI. The material is presented from both a theoretical and a practical perspective, instilling the object-oriented way of thinking through the use of design patterns, exploration of the design of the Java Class Libraries, and illustration of incremental software development. 020135084XB04062001In Java the reading and assignment of variables of primitive types, except long and double, are atomic. ... A synchronized statement takes the following form. synchronized (exp) { (do something) The expression exp must be of reference type.

Title:Object-oriented Software Development Using Java
Author:Xiaoping Jia
Publisher:Addison Wesley - 2000-01


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