Occam's Nightmare

Occam's Nightmare

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What really happened to ATLANTIS? Did ANCIENT ALIENS really build the PYRAMIDS? Is there a SECRET GOVERNMENT that plans to POISON most of the population? Is BIG PHARMA harming us to turn a profit? Are McDONALD'S HAMBURGERS really made from INSIDIOUS CHEMICALS? Are we really close to the END OF THE WORLD? OCCAM'S NIGHTMARE is an exploration of the world of conspiracy theories, alternative science, pop culture, and how they all tie together. Mapping the history of speculative and dubious ideas, CRACKED contributor S Peter Davis traces a genealogy of wacky hypotheses right back to where they all began. How horror author H.P. LOVECRAFT is responsible for both SCIENTOLOGY and ANCIENT ALIENS How ONE WOMAN created the MYTH OF ATLANTIS, the DAVID ICKE PHENOMENON, and NAZISM How a theory of disease from the time of the BLACK DEATH is responsible for both ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE and VACCINE HYSTERIA How CHARLES MANSON is really behind the controversy about OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATEWith my mothera#39;s help, I made a bleak looking poster with two black Styrofoam balls stuck to it representing Pluto and ... It was a rocky object orbiting the very outer reaches of our solar system, and it was slightly bigger than Pluto. ... If Zecharia Sitchin interpreted the Sumerian texts correctly, then the Annunaki aliens inhabit the a€œtwelfth planeta€ (remember this includes the sun and moon, making it the tenthanbsp;...

Title:Occam's Nightmare
Author:S Peter Davis
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2013-09


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