Odd Bits

Odd Bits

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The eagerly anticipated follow-up to the authora€™s award-winning Bones and Fat, Odd Bits features over 100 recipes devoted to the a€œrest of the animal, a€ those under-appreciated but incredibly flavorful and versatile alternative cuts of meat. Wea€™re all familiar with the prime cutsa€”the beef tenderloin, rack of lamb, and pork chops. But what about kidneys, tripe, liver, belly, cheek, and shank? Odd Bits will not only restore our taste for these cuts, but will also remove the mystery of cooking with offal, so food lovers can approach them as confidently as they would a steak. From the familiar (pork belly), to the novel (cockscomb), to the downright challenging (lamb testicles), Jennifer McLagan provides expert advice and delicious recipes to make these odd bits part of every enthusiastic cooka€™s repertoire.Sumac Encrusied Lamba#39;s Brains Making bread crumbs is easya€”and who doesna#39;t have the occasional slice of stale bread? To make fresh bread crumbs, allow bread to dry sllghfly at room temperature, then process it in a food processor toanbsp;...

Title:Odd Bits
Author:Jennifer McLagan
Publisher:Ten Speed Press - 2011-09-13


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